Flag-waving patriots May not realize who is in control as they celebrate‏

As Baron Rothschild said, “Give me the power to coin a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

“They created their own America, an America which is not the real America…


The fundamental idea is that each and every people has the right to a government that represents their interests, their heritage and their values. It is the idea that government must be devoted first to the welfare of its own people, not other nations or any entity. Today that concept would reject control of America by Israel or by multi-national corporations that have no loyalty to the people of the United States.

Today of course, America has lost its Independence. Our political structure is dominated by a few extremists among a mere 2 percent of the population. The most powerful lobby in the Congress of the United States is the Jewish Lobby and it is composed of
AIPAC and a myriad of Jewish political campaign funding organizations. Imagine that the most powerful lobby in the American Government is devoted to the exclusive interests of the foreign state of Israel and the perceived interests of a people comprising just 2 percent of the American people rather than the other 98 percent.

AIPAC is but one visible sign of this power. It can be seen in many other expressions. An example is the fact that the largest corporate campaign donations among both candidates in the last election for president were dominated by Jewish-controlled International banks and financial entities. A perfect example is Obama’s largest corporate contributor: the criminal Goldman Sachs. On The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD I also show articles from Jewish publications such as the JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency) and Haaretz showing that the three largest political contributors in America are Jews with a deep allegiance to Israel. And I show how even the Washington Post tells us that over 50 percent of the large campaign contributors to both the Democratic and Republican party are Jewish.

We see this alien power in the most powerful financial institution in the world today: the Federal Reserve. Ben Shalom Bernanke and Alan Greenspan represent decades of this control. Note how this is the one appointment by the President that seems to go on and regardless of the party in power. As Baron Rothschild said, “Give me the power to coin a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” If control of our money is not independent and not dedicated to the great majority of the American people rather than International Financial Corporations, then our nation surely can’t be dedicated to the interests of our people.

Our lack of Independence and freedom can also be shown in the fact that the media in America is thoroughly controlled by this same alien entity designed to keep us ignorant of our lack of Independence and the fact that we have been politically and socially conquered. Of course we have not been conquered by armies, but by stealth and subversion.

In Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream, Jewish film producers Elliot Halpern & Simcha Jacobvici Productions made a documentary that tells how Jews overcame the Gentile filmmakers such as Thomas Edison and D.W. Griffith, and gradually replaced their traditional American themes. They interview Jewish author Neil Gabler, who frankly tells how these non-Americans replaced the “real” America.

“They created their own America, an America which is not the real America…But ultimately this shadow America becomes so popular and so widely disseminated that its images and its values come to devour the real America. And so the grand irony of all of Hollywood — is that Americans come to define themselves by the shadow of America that was created by the Eastern European Jewish immigrants who weren’t permitted in the precincts of the real America.”

On this Independence Day we must re-dedicate ourselves to the restoration of the real America, to our true Independence as a people, as a nation. Such is the right of all people on the Earth, and we deserve that right. But that right is not freely accorded. As our forefathers recognized, we must work, sacrifice and even sometimes fight for that right.

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