Not a Matter of ” IF ” But “When”

It’s not a matter of “if”… it’s a matter of “when”. Either because of economic factors or a solar storm, the power grid is coming down.

Where will you be when that happens?

If you’re like most Americans, you’re numb. The dire warnings that are being screeched at you on a day in and day out basis are becoming nothing more than white noise. It’s an unfortunate tendency of humans that if the threat doesn’t materialize, then the threat doesn’t exist.

For example, Y2K – it was a bunch of smoke and mirrors, right? (Not really – as one of our writers said in an October article, “the catastrophe was avoided because IT companies all over the world invested billions of dollars and spent thousands of man-hours retooling every line of application source code that mattered.”) It didn’t happen because the problem was addressed.

It’s criminal that our government can’t use this same logic to address the potential geomagnetic storm/power grid threat that sits at our back door even as we speak. Despite hours upon hours of testimony before Congress last year, today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio couldn’t induce that Congress to pass a bill that would require the power companies to begin the process of hardening the grid to a potential EMP event.

Hundreds of millions of people face imminent death when our society reverts back to 18th century America within the 90 seconds it would take a geomagnetic storm to bring down the 300+ high voltage transformers that feed our power grid.

Let me re-emphasize that… hundreds of millions of people will die. And our Congress, the very one that was able to ram through a 2700+ page monstrosity of a health care bill within hours, can’t even pass a two-page resolution to mandate a hardening of our power grid.

Join Off the Grid Radio and our guest, John Kappenman, as he highlights the threat that the current solar activity poses and gives us an update on where we stand as a nation in regard to this threat.

It will only take 90 seconds for our lives to be changed forever.

Are you ready?

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