Cancer Treatment

I wanted to pass along to anyone That reads this an Alternative Treatment I’ve learned about to Treat Cancer. I know,Your Probaly thinking Yea, Right, What are you making off it? The answer would be absolutly Nothing, My Only Goal is to educate People to the Real Choices they have. The AMA Tried to Shut This Doctor down, and even offered him 20 million to Sell his Treatment to them So They could could make sure Nobody Ever Heard of it. OK, The doctor’s name is Alibazrtos, I am not certain of the spelling, It is called the Alibazartos Method. The Location is Called The International Bio Care Hospital. You can Reach them Toll free at (800) 262-0212 The lady that Handles New Patients is Mrs. Teresa Thomas, Once again, Not certain of the Spelling. PLease Please Please, Pass this along to anyone you know that has ANY sort of Malignancy, as My Source said this method will Treat any Form of Malignancy, Thank you for reading this Please copy it, forward it, whatever you have to do to get this info out!!!, Once again Sorry for the Bad Spelling!!

T AKA Foodsman

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