Transaction Tax

Just count the number of transactions!! The plan is to sneak it in after the November election to keep it under the radar.

See what Nancy has to say (link at the end) about this wonderful idea!

And it’s only 1%!!!! (PER TRANSACTION!)

-This is a 1% tax on all transactions to or from any financial institution i.e.. Banks, Credit Unions, Mutual funds, Brokers, etc.

-Any DEPOSIT you make will have a 1% tax charged.

-Any WITHDRAWAL you make, 1% tax.

-Any transfer within your account, a transfer to or from savings and checking, will have a 1% tax charged.

-Any ATM transaction, withdrawal or deposit, 1% tax.

-If your pay check or your Social Security is direct deposited, 1% tax.

-If you carry a check to your bank to deposit, 1% tax.

-If you take cash in to deposit, 1% tax.

-If you receive any income from a bond or a dividend from stock, 1% tax.

-Any Real Estate Transaction, 1% tax. (This is on top of the 3.8% they just slid in on you) total nearly 5%, commission + tax 11%, some states “Excise Tax is an additional 1+% 12% OR MORE)

-Pay for your insurance (health)… 1%

-Consider 1% on the buyer of coming in, and 1% on the seller going out 2% of all transactions… unreal. Some areas in California are over 9%, add two more 11%, who are they kidding???

-This administration is about YOUR MONEY, and they will take it from you how ever they can.

-They should do something about the out of control Spending & Entitlements instead of robbing America blind!!!

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